Bitcoins Offerts
Receive up to 60 Satoshis every 60 min!

What is a faucet, or tap at Bitcoins? A site that offers you free, the payment of units of Bitcoins (bits or Satoshis). At present, 1 XBT is worth 6 377,51 €.

I do not have a Bitcoin wallet. Create one easily and in 30 seconds by clicking here.

By using the services of Bitcoins-Offerts, you declare that you do not use VPN, proxy, content blocker or user script. The differences are sanctionned by the simple closing of the account.

Global Help
Create an accountPreferably enter a new Bitcoin wallet, and attach an e-mail to limit access. A validation link will be sent to you.
My informationsBitcoins-Offerts does not transmit your informations. Your wallet allows you to receive your transferts ; Your e-mail, to be contacted.
Sanctions?Unreported exploits are invariably banned. Make an intented use of the site.

The Demands
WorkingBitcoins-Offerts gives you units of bitcoins, thanks to the advertising revenue generated by the site.
Receiving my SatoshisJust go to the dedicated page, and click the ask button.
For who?For any individual, restricted to an account and restricted in positions and physical addresses.
How many?The maximum number of Satoshis received per request depends on the revenue received : attendance, and content blockers. But it depends above all on your regularity, fidelity, and luck! You can also earn more by sponsoring new users.

The Bets
To betWith your free Satoshis received, trust the chance to try to multiply your winnings! You can make single bets or multipliers without limit.
Manipulations?No, Only a railing, avoids paying you what Bitcoins-Offerts does not. The results are random and do not depend on any other parameter.
Profit?Bitcoins-Offerts does not earn money on bets and draws. The sums are simply redistribued between the users.